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4/9/2014: 2nd Chess 960 World Cup
All the preliminary sections are now completed! … Details

4/5/2014: ICCF Players' Survey 2014
Results … Details

4/2/2014: ICCF 2014 WCCC Semifinals
Tournament Announcement … Details

3/30/2014: ICCF Diamond Jubilee Webserver World Cup 18 preliminaries
finished on 2014-03-30! … Details

3/25/2014: ICCF President's Report
March 2014 … Details

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4/24/2014: 7th Interzonal Team Tournament Board 7 finished

4/24/2014: BCCL Championship 2013/14 Board 19 finished

4/24/2014: WT/O/151 started with 4 players

4/24/2014: Friendly match Germany vs Rest of Europe Board 256 finished

4/24/2014: BCCL Division 2 2013/14 Board 18 finished

4/24/2014: India - Norway Board 6 finished

4/24/2014: ICCF FM/1813 finished

4/24/2014: ICCF FM/2296 finished

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NED GM Langeveld, Ron A. H. (2688)

NED Burg, Twan
Last move: 23.Qb4
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NED Burg, Twan

NED GM Langeveld, Ron A. H. (2688)
Last move: 29..Qd7
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